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Queenborough Weightlifting Club is a fully affiliated club which offers a unique weightlifting experience for all levels, from beginners to advanced lifters. We run weekly, fully coached weightlifting sessions for adults and Youth lifters (from 9 years). Queenborough Weightlifting Club has a fully qualified coaching team of 5, all of whom have years of experience in both coaching and competing in Olympic Lifting and Power Lifting. We are ready to provide the training and equipment you need to become successful in both recreational and competitive weightlifting.

Queenborough Weightlifting Club is located inside FiiT Box Queenborough, where we have access to dedicated space  for our club members and access to equipment that is clean and well maintained. The club runs regular weekly classes that follow specific strength and skill components. All programming is written by our coaches to get our members stronger and more efficient in their lifting. We also have 'Open Barbell' available for members who want to come and practice their lifts outside of coached sessions. At Queenborough Weightlifting club, we operate a very inclusive policy and encourage women to join our club. We also encourage our members to train together in class so that they can get the most out of what our club has to offer.


Membership costs £40/mo (£35/mo for existing FiiT Box members) 

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