FiiT Box is not your average gym. Instead of giving you MACHINES to train with, we give you PEOPLE to train with. We make YOU the machine.


We believe in quality training and we know that the best fitness results come from expert guidance. That's why we only staff our gym with the best specialist coaches  who provide high quality Fitness and Weightlifting sessions where our members can come and be trained in a variety of different ways, with a brand new workout every day. 

FiiT Box supplies a premium fitness service rather than a fitness venue. Our sessions are essentially small group personal training, without the price tag. Because of our expert knowledge and high quality programming, our members are seeing results faster and hitting their goals more regularly.

Before you can train in class, you must complete a Foundations course where we assess your fitness and teach you fundamental movement skills. Contact us for a consultation to see when the next available Foundations is.

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