Slow intro Vs Fast intro

To be able to train in our CrossFit classes we have to show you the foundational movements of CrossFit. We have two ways of doing this;

You can either join our 8 week Beginner's Course, or you can complete a 2 hour Intensive Foundations.

Our 8 week Beginner's Course is a slow intro for those who are new to CrossFit and who need to build up skills and confidence over time. With classes twice a week, this course also allows you to build up your fitness slowly and get to a point where you feel confident in CrossFit workouts and are ready to join in with our regular CrossFit classes. The cost of this 8 week course is £120 and includes a CrossFit class of your choice as well as two specific beginner's classes every week. Beginner's classes are Monday and Wednesday at 8pm. Please contact us to secure a space on the next available course.

The second option for joining us is to do a fast intro which is a 2 hour intensive Foundations. This is for the more confident and able...perhaps you are already training somewhere and are feeling pretty fit, or perhaps you have done CrossFit before and are returning to the sport. This 2 hour intensive Foundations costs £50 and is scheduled for 9am on the second Saturday of every month.



What it costs to be trained by us

CrossFit costs more than your average gym membership but less than personal training. This is because the service we provide falls between the two; we train you according to your individual strengths in a group setting. We don't just stand at the front and instruct like you would get in a fitness class-we coach you personally through movements, help you rehab injuries, work with you on mindset and motivation and guide you on nutrition. We are here to help you progress in every way. Because of this, we find our members stay longer, work harder and see better results than in other gyms.

We offer a number of membership packages tailored to your specific needs and requirements. See our price list below and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

£70 Per Month

This is our 3 times per week CrossFit membership. You will be trained by our expert coaches three times, every week and will see clear results! This membership includes unlimited Open Gym.

£85 Per Month

This is our Unlimited CrossFit membership. You can be trained by us up to six days per week, plus receive extra weekly programming for use in your unlimited Open Gym. Incredible value and incredible results.


You can buy a 10 class pass or PAYG to any of our classes. Foundations must be completed first, unless you are an experienced CrossFitter dropping in.



We try to keep things as simple as possible; our memberships are rolling monthly contracts with a 15 day notice period. Your membership renews on the same date every month. You can manage your membership yourself via your account. You do not need to contact us to amend your membership.